Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Place of Magic

Strolling outside on a wintry evening, it is always pleasant to pass by a bakery shop window. Outside on the cold street, it seems that you are already inside this wonderfully warm, red brick structure. Watching the baker take the fresh-from-the-oven baguettes out of the large steaming oven, you feel the warm breads on your tongue, tasting the deliciousness of the loaves before you even walk inside. The pastries are good too, but never forget the most lucious and scrumptious of them all. The magnificent meringues are a sight to behold, dazzling, making all other pastries look as lifeless and hard as rocks. The large swirled delicacies melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. As large as they are, they disappear in moments, as if in a magic show. A baker's shop is truly a wonderful place of magic.

-This post was written by Bookworm for her creative writing class at our co-op. The assignment was to choose one of six items on a list and write a descriptive paper/paragraph. I teach this class, so maybe you'd be surprised to hear that I was floored when Bookworm read her paper in class. But I was - her mastery of language far surpasses anything that I could have taught her myself. Dare I say that she has a gift with words?

The reality is this homeschooling gig is getting more exciting every day. I see how both girls are learning things that I don't even realize. Their memories are sharp and while one is much more driven to succeed than her sister, they are both rather intelligent.

I'd love feedback on Bookworm's papers. I think it'd be great for her to know how others respond to her writing and learn ways to make it even better. I have a feeling she'll be posting here herself before too long. Stay tuned!

I did not alter her spelling or grammar usage in reproducing her work for the purposes of this blog.
September 29, 2010