Thursday, February 03, 2011

The House

When once I took a sorry stroll,
Sadd(e)ned by a tale untold,
that dreary night in mid-November,
(Why I was there I can't remember),
While I stood there watching, waiting,
Waiting, watching, while debating,
Dabating whether I should or not,
go home for a bun all nice and hot.
(new stanza)
I decided no and proceeded on,
proceeding to a place now gone;
to find the house still there intact,
was quite a shock for me, alack!
I had hoped and pleaded with all my soul,
Pleading it still be not there my goal,
To see it there was troubling to my mind,
a mind that needed saneness, and things kind.
(new stanza)
'Shall I proceed?' I asked myself,
'Should I proceed into this place of stealth,
Or turn back and attempt to forget?
But before my mind was set,
I heard a hoot from an owl.
Looking up I saw the feathered fowl and scowled,
scowled at that annoying bird.
And there am I still, breathing not a word.
-Hi, I'm Bookworm.
Something like 15 days ago was Edgar Allen Poe's birthday. So for class 2 weeks ago my mom talked about Edgar Allen Poe and read The Raven . Our homework was to read it again 2-3 times at least. In class we also talked about the elements of the poem. Alliteration, rhyming, and onomatopoiea(I just spent something like 8 minutes trying to find the correct spelling). So after we read the poem again our assignment was to write poem at least 3 stanzas long, or if poetry didn't quite work out we could write a short story. It had to have the mysterious 'mood' of The Raven. The House was the poem I wrote.
The paranthetical marks surrounding the 'e' in 'Saddened' was because I accidentally typed it 'Saddned' wothout the first 'e'. Mommy pointed it out in class.
Mommy wants me to do writing every day to be able to grasp my writing voice and style, which is what I will do so there will probably be more poetry.
They would not seperate the stanzas like I had done so that are what the '(new stanza)'s are for.
I did not change any spellings or words, add, or do anything than copy the original. I also did not change punctuation or capitalization in the poem.
Signing off,


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